What to Consider When Buying Antique Furniture

orange chair

If you are looking at buying your first item of antique furniture, you may feel unsure where to start. Antique pieces are special and may require care and maintenance. You will therefore want to be fully informed on what needs to be considered before making your purchase.

Original Finish

The original finish of an antique piece is what makes it authentic. The charm and character of an antique will be retained if it keeps its original finish. Any re-polishing and restoring should have been carried out by a professional antique dealer, such as Abbey Antiques. Poor polishing and finishing can ruin an antique piece of furniture’s appearance and character, so be sure to watch out for this.

Health and condition

Check every part of the item. This includes the underneath and the interior. Look for signs of woodworm; if there are holes that indicate this, question the treatment the piece has received. Tapping the holes to see if there is dust is also recommended. You should check for loose joints, weak areas and parts that have been repaired.

If your furniture has drawers, make sure that they open freely and do not stick. If the item has handles or brass work, find out if they have been replaced and if they have, does the style and quality match the piece?

Original or a marriage?

When it comes to buying antique furniture, you need to be aware of a ‘marriage’. This is when two separate pieces have been merged. This can significantly reduce the worth of the item, as well as the quality.

To check if a piece of antique furniture is an original or marriage, look at all sides of the item. Note any changes in colour, material, and texture. Screw holes that appear out of place may be an indicator of marriage. The piece may seem disproportioned or uneven – this is another sign.

Antique dealer

It is vital to ensure you only buy from a reputable antique dealer, such as Abbey Antiques. This way, not only will you get the absolute best pieces, you will also have the most useful advice from professionals. A professional antique dealer will be able to provide information on the maintenance of your piece, as well as help with restoring. Choosing an antique dealer with a solid background in the industry and a happy customer base will give you the peace of mind you need when investing in antique furniture.

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