What Can Bespoke Furniture Bring to Your Room?

Close up of fabric scissors and tape on table with cushions

Are you tired to the back teeth of trawling endless shops and internet pages for the perfect piece of furniture? It exists very specifically in your mind’s eye and you’re sure that it must be out there somewhere. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. One thing is for certain, though. The only way to find the perfect dresser, table or cabinet for your home is to start from scratch. Go bespoke.

It’s So You

Your bespoke piece of furniture will reflect you and your family in a way that no other item can. Because it is you. A furniture producer or designer will consult you at every step when you decide on size, materials and features. They will consider the size and design of the destination room. All of these factors combine to result in a piece of furniture which is truly at home in its space.


It is this flexibility in the design process which makes bespoke furniture support a design concept in a way that no off the shelf piece can. Although your room may be influenced by, say, art deco or minimalism, it will always feature alternative accents too. So your final room concept is often a bit of an unintentional mix. A bespoke wardrobe, cabinet or sideboard can be designed to perfectly complement all of the influences that are balanced within your room design.


However, a good piece of bespoke furniture isn’t just about appearance. Furniture must be functional. So layout your practical specifications for the furniture so that your designer can ensure that the piece fulfils its requirements. From storage capabilities to flexible use, furniture can revolutionise your day to day life. Making tasks easier to achieve, and the tools that you require easier to access.

Perfect Fit

Bespoke furniture will fit into your space in a way that maximises your room. You can make use of every millimetre of the space occupied by your furniture. So for cabinetry or bookcases, you can utilise the area in a proactive way. For period properties, it can be hard to find furniture to fit snugly. You may have rooms with peculiar angles or uneven flooring. Your bespoke furniture will be designed to fit perfectly no matter how quirky space.

Focal Point

When does furniture become art? We’d argue that every piece of furniture is artistic to a degree; even the simplest of stools. You may want to create a splash in your home. To include a real focal point within a reception room, kitchen or hallway. Or perhaps you want to commission a piece in celebration of an anniversary or occasion. You also want it to serve a purpose, be that as storage or as a place to rest. This is where a piece of handcrafted furniture, designed in collaboration with you, fulfils so many requirements.


What you’re creating with a bespoke piece of furniture is in fact an heirloom. It isn’t just about having something wonderful to use and appreciate for now. Good quality furniture lives on and on, through generations. What is now your bespoke dining table will one day be Great Granny’s table. The high level of craftsmanship that you will find in a bespoke piece of furniture means that it is set up to endure more than mass-produced furniture.

What about if you move home, though? Or change the design of your rooms in a radical way which means your bespoke furniture is no longer in keeping? The beautiful thing about handcrafted furniture is that they can be altered. The alterations could be in dimension in order to fit a different space. Alternatively, the finish could be changed so that the piece remains in keeping with a different design scheme.

As a piece which is built to last, bespoke furniture not only looks stunning within a home but also functions in the exact way that you require. Contact us at Abbey Group to find out how your ideas can be realised.