Things that Ruin Sofas – How to Ensure You Get the Most from Your Furniture


Whether your sofa is an antique or newly manufactured, there are some habits you should avoid. These are things that can ruin even the sturdiest of sofas and shorten their beauty and lifespan considerably. Sofas are a key feature of your home or office and are often expensive items. Antique sofas are to be treasured and must be cared for correctly.

Here we look at the things that can harm the quality and appearance of your sofa.

Using the same areas

Sitting in the same spot on the sofa out of habit is easily done, but this can cause one area to wear and look older than the rest of the couch, so try to avoid only using one part.

Jumping and climbing

Throwing yourself onto the sofa or allowing kids and pets to jump and climb on it can cause pressure that may weaken the couch or cause it to creak.


Aim to vacuum your sofa once a week. Even if it looks clean, you will be surprised by the amount of dirt a vacuum will find. This dirt can grind into the fibres of your sofa over time, causing it to deteriorate.


Sleeping on a sofa can cause it to droop. The odd afternoon nap is one thing, but frequent eight-hour stints of sleeping on your sofa will damage it.


Depending on the type and age of your sofa, regular cleaning should be a part of its care. You may need to hire a professional to clean it, or you may be able to do it yourself. Be sure to use the correct methods and products. If you use all-purpose cleaners, you are risking damaging the sofa. Try to use products that are designed specifically for the material you are cleaning.


Smoke, grease and other contaminants can damage the quality of your sofa. Not only could it cause the material to deteriorate, but it also causes smells to set into the fabric.

Sun fading

The sun can bleach the material and make it look dull and worn. It can also create a patchy look, as some areas will be lighter than others. Avoid putting your furniture in direct sunlight.


There are a few ways you can protect your sofa. Some families have ‘no feet, no eating, no sleeping, no pets’ rules for their sofa. You may also want to use a throw or a protective spray design for the sofa’s material. Rotating and cleaning the cushions is another way of enhancing its longevity.

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