Styling The Antiques in Your Home


Vintage and antique pieces are undeniable assets for any setting. If you are lucky enough to have antiques in your home, then read on to find out the best ways of styling antique and vintage pieces. Incorporating both antique and vintage pieces into your home

Antique or Vintage?

An antique item is usually 100 years old or more. Anything less than 100 years old, but over 20, will generally be considered a vintage item. That being said, a vintage item will one day become an antique. Both are fantastic collector’s items that will keep value and appeal for many years to come when cared for correctly.

Decorating With Antiques

Antiques and vintage pieces will never go out of style, especially when flawlessly styled to enhance their appeal and individuality. Many people feel comfort from antiques, which may be due to the piece being a family treasure or down to the mysterious history it may hold. We adore those things that have been around longer than we have and stood the test of time.

Incorporating antiques into your décor is an excellent way of getting the most from your antique pieces. Using your treasure to connect with history can bring a wonderful feel to your setting. The items that you display will depend on your taste and your connection to them. Use your gut instinct and go with the pieces that you connect with. There will always be a place for those treasures.

Keeping to minimalistic colours for your walls and floors can stop a room from seeming cluttered. Attention will then be drawn to the antique and vintage items of your choice. A well-placed treasure will soften any room and add character.

An option you could go with is layering older items with new pieces. This is a way of embracing and highlighting your antiques.

Antique Furniture

You may want it as a centrepiece to be used or purely as an ornamental feature if you have antique or vintage furniture. Antique and vintage furniture adds a touch of class and character when cared for correctly and stylishly placed.

Examples of pieces that could set a fantastic feel for a room include:

  • Rugs and mats
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Futons
  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Ornamental pieces

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