Spray Painting vs Painting Furniture?

Man spray Painting Cabinet Drawer

The Pros and Cons of Spray Painting vs Painting Furniture

Pros of Spray Painting:

  • Less expensive
  • No difficult application
  • Less cleaning
  • Less need for priming

Cons of Spray Painting:

  • Paint easily runs off or dries before you can continue
  • It is much more difficult to apply without contaminating the surface
  • It does not provide as long a protective finish as brushed-on paint
  • Difficulty removing chrome spray paint for chrome accessories

How to Choose the Best Spray Paint for Your Project?

The colour you choose for the walls is the most important part of the project. Go through a spray paint store and choose an oil-based paint that has an orange/red undertone. Next, you should select a paint thinner of the same colour as your walls or any other colour.

Paint Furniture Fast – Spray Paint vs Brush Painting

Always make sure to plan ahead for painting on expensive furniture! The main things to remember to check and prepare for are time and patience. If you are going to do a new coat of paint on a piece of furniture that has a lot of texture, then the best way to do this is to first sand the piece so that you can get a good start in applying the paint without “wasting” time and effort sanding on things that you shouldn’t!

Apply a thin layer of paint. Always wipe your brush off with a damp sponge before starting to paint the area… this is the only way you will avoid the problems that many people run into when painting furniture!


So now that we’ve learned the differences between spray paint and a brush-painted finish, I would suggest that we choose spray paint over painted furniture in most cases. If you want the look of a painted finish but are unable to find the paint of your choice, you can either use latex house paint or take the extra step to paint your furniture with a spray-on paint. The big difference is that you will need to give your furniture time to dry completely before bringing it back out. If you choose a spray paint, I would recommend purchasing the primer and/or the paint of your choice together. There are several formulas and brands to choose from, and you may have some leftover paint leftover from your previous projects.

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