Spray Painting in Essex by Abbey

Man spraying front of drawers with two handles

Abbey Antiques is the leading and the most experienced spray painting company in Romford, Essex, with the most skilled and proficient team that will restore your old furniture using the most advanced equipment.

Do you have any old worn-out furniture that you have been planning to replace with something new and exciting, something that will glow up your space and will enhance the beauty of your room? But you are stuck with the high pricing and expensive furniture that does not even satisfy your aesthetics. Here is an advice for you, do not waste both your precious furniture and money. Replacement is not the answer for you, you need renovation, or you can say the restoration of your old furniture, and hiring spray painting services is the best way to do that. Even if your favourite piece of furniture has been destroyed due to fire or flood, you need not worry about it; it will be well taken care of.


Man spray Painting Cabinet Drawer


Abbey Antiques’ wide range of services

At Abbey Antiques, we provide services for all types of clients. Whether you have some furniture that has been destroyed due to flood or fire, you plan to renovate any of your antique furniture, or you have some commercial furniture that needs spray painting, you can contact us for the topmost services in Romford, Essex. We have experienced artisans that know each type of furniture and know how to renovate every piece with their skills.

More than a century-old experience of ours made us a lot ahead of all our competitors. We have been providing our services within Romford, Essex, since the very beginning, and this has made us stand out in our customer’s eyes. Eight generations-old continuity has made us learn a lot, making our services polished and improved over time. We have reached this point where our services have become unmatchable by anyone else.

Our experience and expertise are very strongly exhibited in our work. Every piece of furniture that you will get restored from our highly skilled craftsmen will give you evidence of our experience and proficiency.

What sets us apart

With their expertise and experience, we have a specialized team that will give your furniture a new look using the most advanced techniques and the most advanced equipment. Our craftsmen are all in one service. You do not need to contact various provisions. We have a complete solution for your furniture issues.

We provide you with a wide choice of colours and finish among which according to your preferences.

Our customer care centric approach

For those of you who live somewhere around Romford, Essex, contact us. At Abbey Antiques, we provide the best spray painting services in the area. Contact us for carefree and professional spray painting of your furniture that you plan to get restored. You will find the most cooperating team that will hear and answer every query of yours. We do not intend to leave our customers on hold or let them suffer bad customer care. Our customer care will let you know in detail about each of our services and packages.

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