Spray Painting in Essex by Abbey

Man spraying front of drawers with two handles

Abbey Antiques is the leading and the most experienced spray painting company in Romford, Essex, with the most skilled and proficient team that will restore your old furniture using the most advanced equipment.

Abbey Groupo in Essex are experts at spray painting and refinishing all kinds of furniture, commercial and office equipment,  whether they’ve seen better days and need sprucing up or they’re new flat-packed furniture that needs a different colour to fit your style. No matter what your interior design project is or what style of furniture you like, our expert spray painting service can help you make something truly unique. Add a burst of colour to your outdoor furniture. We can spray paint patio furniture, benches, barbecues, and more to your specifications and change the look of your outdoor space.


Man spray Painting Cabinet Drawer


Why Spray Paint your Furniture?

Expertly spray painting furniture has a number of benefits. Abbey Group in Essex can get a much better finish in our safe setting, with our specialist spray guns and materials, than with aerosol paint or paint that is meant to be painted on with a brush. The finish we give is much more durable than what you can get from aerosols. It covers better, doesn’t have brush marks, and is free of imperfections like dust or hair thanks to our paint booth. Obtaining a great finish takes time and patience, though.

When you bring your furniture to us, you can take advantage of of more 25 years of experience in spray painting and refinishing. If you let us refinish your furniture, we’ll do an excellent job that you won’t be happy with.

Furniture We Can Spray Paint

Abbey Group Essex use the same high standards to paint almost anything. Here are some examples of things we can spray paint: book cases, computer and storage units, desks, coffee tables, kitchen units, internal and external doors, chairs, tables, wardrobes, garden furniture, picture & mirror frames, plant pots, shelving, bed frames,  sideboards, radiators, speaker cabinets, work tops, reception desks, point of sale fixtures and fittings, shop fronts,  window frames, and more..

MDF Spray Painting in Essex

We do a lot of different things that involve spraying MDF. Since MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard) is sold as a raw material, it is usually used to make furniture like built-in shelves and closets. When you cut, shape, route, and sand MDF, it can become porous and “furry.” Because of this, it’s hard to get a perfect paint job whether you use a spray can, roller, or brush.

Our expert knowledge in spraying MDF means you get outstanding results for your MDF projects. We have come up with a way to seal and prime MDF before spray painting it. This makes sure that the finished product is free of flaws and that the edges of the panels have the same high-quality finish as the rest of the item.

Our MDF spraying services are available to both businesses and the general public. Call Abbey Group at on Essex 01708 741135 if you have any questions.