Leather Restoration in Romford, Essex

Close up of tears and scratches on leather cushion for a Essex home

Nothing says ‘class’ like a clean, shiny piece of leather furniture. There’s just something undeniably vintage that makes leather furniture click with you, much like a fine wine. But the often neglected truth is, not all leather objects will be as successful and impressive as others. In order for your leather furniture to maintain its charm, it will need constant maintenance, and upwork. And we’re here to provide that for you.


Leather Furniture Cleaning in Essex

At Abbey Group, we make leather restoration in Romford, Essex our main goal, and we strive to offer you the fullest experience possible. Often, this starts with thoroughly cleaning your leather furniture.

As the years go by, your leather furniture becomes dirty, even if you don’t necessarily make a great big spill or other such accidents. It’s normal for your leather to get a little bit dirty as time goes by. Hey, it might even add some extra charm to it. But more often than not, a dirty leather sofa has considerably less appeal than a clean one.

We use only the finest, most refined leather cleaning products and solutions, to restore your leather’s appearance, without risking any damage, or discoloration.


Leather Furniture Repair in Essex

The next step in our leather restoration in Romford, Essex process lies in repair. It’s normal for your leather to sustain some wear and tear down the years, but like the dirt we were just talking about, it takes away from its overall charm.

Whether it’s cat scratches or a toddler chewing on the leather, your furniture is getting ruined. And nobody wants that. So we’ve dedicated years to perfecting our reparation techniques. Nowadays, we approach each leather item with interest, and diligently look for the best way to repair any marking or flaw, and make it beautiful again.


Leather Furniture Restoration in Essex

Lastly, we reach our leather restoration in Romford, Essex, last step. Some people don’t understand what the difference is between restoration and repair. For example, when we say we’re repairing a leather armchair, we’re fixing the aforementioned cat scratches.

When we talk about leather restoration in Romford, Essex, on the other hand, we talk about the natural discoloration that occurs over time, for example.

So, at Abbey Group, we’re not just focusing on cleaning, nourishing, and repairing the leather’s obvious issues. Instead, we offer a full restoration service to get your leather belongings in tip-top shape, again.

Is leather restoration in Romford, Essex, right for you? Maybe you need to reupholster a sofa that’s velvet?

Not sure which service your leather furniture requires? Not a problem. Often, they require all three, but maybe your problem is more localized than that. Our team of leather restoration experts can help identify any problems. After a thorough inspection, we will establish the best course of action together, and set about restoring your furniture.

Leather is a timeless statement of class and elegance. More than that, leather furniture often carries an important sentimental value for us. So it deserves to look and feel its best, and at Abbey Group, we can help you do that.

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