How to give new life to inherited furniture

Woman sanding an antique side table

Inheriting furniture from friends or family is often unexpected, and people are not always sure what to do with. While these heirlooms from loved ones hold sentimental value, they can seem dull or out of place in your home.

Here, we look at ways you can redesign your inherited furniture, so it fits into your home and continues to be a treasure.

Change the purpose of your piece

An antique piece of furniture does not necessarily have to have the same purpose as it did years ago. You can get creative with your inherited furniture and repurpose it. Do not be afraid to redesign, stain or paint your item.

Perhaps you have an antique table that does not fit with your décor. You could stain this and turn it into a display table or a desk. Or a side table could be used as a coffee table or a cosmetics table. Just be sure to liaise with a professional furniture restorer, such as abbey antiques.

Painting or refinishing your furniture

You can restore the beauty of your inherited furniture by refinishing it. Refinishing is an excellent option if your piece has wood that is worn or damaged. Your item will need to be sanded down to eliminate marks and scratches. You will then need to decide on the best stain to use. This will depend on the style of the piece and the setting it will be in. The process will not only leave the surface smooth; it will also give it new life and appeal. You can proudly display your piece rather than hide it away.

If you are not able to stain your furniture, you could paint it. Give your piece a stylish new look or simply brighten it up with some paint. It is best to consult a professional furniture restorer if you are unsure of your item’s best-suited paint.

Refinishing furniture can be challenging, particularly if you do not know much about this type of furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to have your furniture refinished by a professional, who will have the required in-depth knowledge and experience. This is the best way to transform old or inherited pieces and bring them back to life.

You can have your piece cleaned, refinished, or repaired. It will then sit beautifully in the environment you desire, and if it is a family heirloom, it will live on and bring pleasure within the family for years to come. You may want your furniture to blend into your setting, or perhaps you wish to make a bold statement with it. Refinishing your inherited furniture will enable you to get the absolute best from it.

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