Furniture Repair & Restoration

With decades of experience we understand and appreciate those unique passions we all feel for treasured possessions; whether it be a valuable historic family heirloom, or simply a much loved household item.  That is why at Abbey Group in Essex, we pride ourselves in selecting exactly the right restoration technique to bring each piece back to its original condition.

  • No-obligation written conservation report and quotation
  • Efficient handling of insurance claims
  • Valuation of damaged items, before and after proposed work
  • Expert restoration by Abbey Group specialists
  • Reliable turnaround times
  • Storage facilities

Bringing furniture back to life

Antique Furniture

We work with antiques and modern wood furniture.  No matter what the size, type or value of each item our master craftsmen use their extensive skills to lovingly restore each piece, including broken chairs & tables. We also match colours for spray painting.


From leather to all types of fabric, we repair and renovate to ensure each item looks and feels as good as new.  We carefully match colours and recreate the original quality of each piece.

China, Glass and Curios

We restore a variety of materials including china, enamels, glass, marble, ivory and tortoiseshell.  Our techniques preserve as much of the original material as possible, ensure stability to minimise future damage and are always finished by hand for an invisible repair.

Clocks and Barometers

We restore all types of clock, from Grandfather to mantel, as well as barometers. We replace antique components or craft replacement parts.  Hand-painted or brass dials can be fully restored using original techniques, and all case work is expertly handled.


Our skilled experts perform a full restoration service for varnish removal, surface cleaning, repair and restoration of all artwork from oil paintings to sketches.  We also restore frames, repairing moulding and re-gilding to match the original finish exactly.


From antique to contemporary, our experienced silversmiths give each piece of silver their expert care.  We repair or re-plate any silver item, from christening cups to ecclesiastical pieces, necklaces to cutlery.


We offer a full service to repair, renovate and maintain wooden flooring. Using the latest and most advanced equipment we undertake everything from spot repairs to full sanding and re-coating. We provide an on-going maintenance programme to ensure flooring is kept in peak.

Man using a spray gun on wooden table
View of underneath antique sideboard
French polishing in Essex

French Polishing

French polishing is a traditional technique that involves applying multiple thin layers of shellac to a piece of furniture to create a high-gloss, mirror-like finish. The process starts with preparing the surface of the wood by sanding it down, then the French polish is applied using a cotton pad, which is then buffed to a shine. The process is repeated until the desired level of gloss is achieved.

Additionally, French polishing is a great way to preserve the natural beauty of wood by protecting it from scratches, dings and wear and tear over time. It’s also a great option for those who want to maintain the traditional look of a piece of furniture and not detract from its original design. So, whether you have an antique piece that needs restoration, or just want to give your furniture a new look, French polishing is a great option to consider.

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