Furniture Restoration – Why is it Necessary?


Antique furniture could be hundreds of years old. This means there are likely signs of wear and a decline in condition. Cracks, stains and scratches may hinder the appeal of the piece. However, antique furniture’s aesthetics and functionality can often be restored. A professional antique furniture restorer, such as Abbey Antiques, can restore the value and beauty of a piece of antique furniture.

Restoring the aesthetics of antique pieces

Wooden furniture will decline over the years. The original look and unique qualities may fade, and the item may go from glossy to drab. Over time, damage is inevitable, and cracks, scratches, and marks appear.

Restoring wooden furniture that has lost its visual appeal will give your antique a new breath of life. An expert will be able to rejuvenate the piece to an exceptional standard professionally. This covers the visual appeal and the functionality of the item. You could have many more years from your beautiful piece of antique furniture. A specialist will have the know-how to bring the unique design and beauty back to your item.

Restore rather than replace

Restoring furniture, rather than replacing it, has many benefits. It is always better to recycle rather than to buy new. But it is also far more cost-effective to restore. Decent wooden furniture does not come cheap, and there is no need to purchase new furniture when restoration is an option. By investing in professional antique furniture restoration, you will maintain your item and its value while saving yourself money.

Another benefit of restoring rather than replacing is the sentimental value. Often, antique pieces have remained in a family for some years. Keep the memories alive by ensuring the furniture stays with you.

Value of antique furniture

A piece of antique furniture that has been restored to an expert standard is extremely valuable. An antique that is well maintained will keep value through the years and can be a wonderful asset. If you were in a position to sell your furniture, a beautiful, clean and mark-free piece would attract a lot of attention. This means you can expect to sell at a very reasonable price if and when that time comes.

Abbey Antiques offer specialist antique furniture restoration to keep your treasured items at their very best.

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