Flooring Restoration in Romford, Essex

man restoring wooden floor with sandpaper

Quality services by Abbey Group

The Abbey Group offer a full flooring restoration service in the Essex area. We have been providing good quality services to our customers for over eight generations. We promise high standards for every service they provide. Our company and services are based in Romford, Essex. We also offer an extensive delivery option all around the United Kingdom.

Our priority, our customers

We have the best services teams committed to providing the best restoration facilities, like flooring restoration. So, if you are looking for the flawless restoration of absolutely anything around you, then Abbey Group is the company you are looking for. Furthermore, with our exemplary services, you will also be able to get your query responded to within 24 hours with a full estimation and quote within 48 hours of site visiting.

If you are getting huge items being restored on our premises, then the replacement items will be free of cost for any inconveniences on our part.

Flooring restoration services in Romford Essex

Flooring restoration is one of our unique services that makes the owners fall in love with their wooden floors all over again. This service is fully insured and free of cost in case of any damages or issues on our part.

At Abbey Group, we make any wooden flooring restoration possible. From wood to synthetic and from sanding it to repairing it, we can do it all in a significantly less amount of time. If your house or the building you own is an old one and if it is extensively used or if you are incredibly cautious while maintaining the floor, it will still wear out with time. Scratches, marks, cavities, stains are all part and parcel of using the floor. Due to this reason, it is necessary to hire professional and skilled flooring restoration service providers to take care of your floor, maintain it and return it to its former glory.

Apart from restoring and maintaining floors in Romford, Essex, we also provide specialized advice on how to keep your floor healthy and in shape for years to come. Our care and advice will ensure that any floor you have stays as good as new.

Abbey Group can

  • Refurbish the surface of the wooden floors
  • Remove scratches, scrapes, and other cavities
  • Remove stains and disinfects
  • Apply sealants
  • Provide honest advice and guidelines for aftercare
  • Helps in keeping the floor in shape.

Our promise

You should have learned by now that we provide our 100% to every situation. With our company, you won’t need to hire multiple service providers or suppliers as our team can fix most of your repairing and restoration issues. And our speedy service will be done with restoring your floor even before you have the chance of thinking about cancelling that meeting the next day.

We promise to provide you with only the best services by the best service providing team, which will not disappoint you because we know the importance of building trust.

So if your looking for wooden floor restoration in essex, look no further.

For more information on our flooring restoration service, please contact us on 01708 741135

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