English Antique Furniture and the Importance of Patination

Close up of corner of table

Over an extended period, a darkened or coloured layer will form on antique furniture. This is known as patina. All antique furniture will have a slightly different patina. This is because no two furniture pieces will have been handled and treated in the same way. Light exposure will also vary between pieces of furniture, which plays a part in the degree of patina on an individual item. This is one of the many reasons that each piece of beautiful antique furniture is unique.

General use, moving, or cleaning of the furniture will highlight areas that are more exposed. Wax and dirt will accumulate over time on corners and carved areas of the piece. This can enhance the surface’s natural tone and give a beautiful and unique look to the wood. This makes well patinated antique furniture pieces a much sought after treasure for antique collectors.

Genuine and Original Antique Furniture

If a piece of antique furniture is well patinated, it is a very good sign that it is a genuine, original, and unaltered piece. It is almost impossible to achieve a natural worn or patinated look intentionally. This means that you are unlikely to come across a fake antique item that is well patinated.

There are a few things that an eagle-eyed antique collector should watch out for when looking at an antique. Particular attention should be paid to the unpolished surfaces. The area in which a table, draw or door opens and shuts should be noticeably worn if it is a genuine piece. Unmistakable marks to show usage will remain on an authentic antique item of furniture.

Once you master the art of looking for these wonderful signs that tell your antique’s story, you will have an added layer of security when buying antique furniture. Antique English furniture is as popular as ever among collectors, and for a good reason. They make a stunning addition to any environment and can stay within the family for many years to come when cared for correctly.

A trusted specialist antique restorer, such as Abbey Antiques, will be able to advise you on the best care and maintenance for your patinated antique furniture.

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