Why Antiques Are Just As Important Today

Antique chair infront of blue antique sideboard

Many fashion trends and interior design fads come and go, but the general want for our homes to be minimalistic is consistent. One reason for this is space – homes are built slightly smaller now, and prices are rising. Many people are in smaller properties, so a streamlined and minimalistic interior design is often top […]

How to give new life to inherited furniture

Woman sanding an antique side table

Inheriting furniture from friends or family is often unexpected, and people are not always sure what to do with. While these heirlooms from loved ones hold sentimental value, they can seem dull or out of place in your home. Here, we look at ways you can redesign your inherited furniture, so it fits into your […]

What Different Kinds of Furniture Repair Are There?

Antique sideboard in living room with pictures above

When you spend a lot of money on furniture, you want to know it will be kept in the best condition possible. It might be something you buy for yourself, an antique you found for a bargain or something handed down the generations of your family. At some point, all furniture starts to look a […]

Caring For Your Furniture After a Flood

Living room furniture submerged in flood water

We never expect it to happen to us, but sometimes disaster can strike when we least expect it. From rusted pipes to freak storms and living on flood plains, all sorts of things can cause flood damage to your home. Around 2.4 million people live in immediate flood risk areas in the UK, and statistically […]

What Can Bespoke Furniture Bring to Your Room?

Close up of fabric scissors and tape on table with cushions

Are you tired to the back teeth of trawling endless shops and internet pages for the perfect piece of furniture? It exists very specifically in your mind’s eye and you’re sure that it must be out there somewhere. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. One thing is for certain, though. The only way to find […]

An Essential Guide to Antique Chair Styles

Antique chair against an interior brick wall

When is a chair not a chair? When it’s referred to as a ‘Windsor’, a ‘Gainsborough’ or a ‘Wainscot’. Maybe you’d like to be a bit more clued up about the chairs in your home. Or perhaps you’re in the market for a single or set of antique chairs. Of course, the real appeal of […]

Top 5 causes of antique furniture damage… and what to do about it!

Worn and torn seating of antique chair

No one wants their furniture to become damaged. Your chairs, tables, chests and dressers become part and parcel of your home. So, when you encounter damage, it’s not just a hassle and expense to sort out, but can be an emotional blow. Whether a piece is antique or not, there are steps to take to […]

How to know when furniture is worth restoring

Close up of wooden rocking horse face

While some eagle-eyed furniture experts peruse auctions or second-hand shops for promising pieces of furniture, others inherit or rescue items unexpectedly. Perhaps you’ve come across a chair, table, dresser or cabinet and you simply don’t know whether it’s worth investing in. Or maybe you’ve purchased or rescued some chairs, or a sideboard, which you want […]