Things that Ruin Sofas – How to Ensure You Get the Most from Your Furniture


Whether your sofa is an antique or newly manufactured, there are some habits you should avoid. These are things that can ruin even the sturdiest of sofas and shorten their beauty and lifespan considerably. Sofas are a key feature of your home or office and are often expensive items. Antique sofas are to be treasured […]

Vintage Furniture – The return of golden from the past

Vintage furniture

With so many fashion trends returning, it feels like that the world is coming back to full circle. Many items and trends that were considered a thing of the past have emerged as in-demand and trendy. One such trend on our radar is the rapidly increasing demand for vintage furniture. The increasing demand for Vintage […]

What is bespoke furniture?

bespoke furniture by abbey

There’s quite a lot of difference between bespoke furniture and standard furniture. Bespoke furniture is custom-made furniture that is made as per the specifications of the individual’s order. There’s isn’t any specific limit to custom furniture. So, it can be your bed, nightstand, coffee table, or even dresser. So, anything can be bespoke from scratch […]

Styling The Antiques in Your Home

Styling Antiques,,

Vintage and antique pieces are undeniable assets for any setting. If you are lucky enough to have antiques in your home, then read on to find out the best ways of styling antique and vintage pieces. Incorporating both antique and vintage pieces into your home Antique or Vintage? An antique item is usually 100 years […]

When To Reupholster a Sofa

Retro Velvet Sofa.

Knowing when to reupholster an old sofa isn’t always easy, and there is definitely no exact time that this should be done. The answer will depend on a few things, and this should be assessed and considered properly before making plans to reupholster. Reupholstering is a fantastic way of breathing new life into your furniture […]

Spray Painting vs Painting Furniture?

Man Painting Cabinet Drawer

Pros and Cons of Spray Painting vs Painting Furniture   Pros of Spray Painting: Less expensive No difficult application Less cleaning Less need for priming   Cons of Spray Painting: Paint easily runs off or dries before you can continue It is much more difficult to apply without contaminating the surface It does not provide […]

English Antique Furniture and the Importance of Patination

Close up of corner of table

Over an extended period, a darkened or coloured layer will form on antique furniture. This is known as patina. All antique furniture will have a slightly different patina. This is because no two furniture pieces will have been handled and treated in the same way. Light exposure will also vary between pieces of furniture, which […]

What to Consider When Buying Antique Furniture

orange chair

If you are looking at buying your first item of antique furniture, you may feel unsure where to start. Antique pieces are special and may require care and maintenance. You will therefore want to be fully informed on what needs to be considered before making your purchase. Original Finish The original finish of an antique […]

Why Antiques Are Just As Important Today

Antique chair infront of blue antique sideboard

Many fashion trends and interior design fads come and go, but the general want for our homes to be minimalistic is consistent. One reason for this is space – homes are built slightly smaller now, and prices are rising. Many people are in smaller properties, so a streamlined and minimalistic interior design is often top […]

How to give new life to inherited furniture

Woman sanding an antique side table

Inheriting furniture from friends or family is often unexpected, and people are not always sure what to do with. While these heirlooms from loved ones hold sentimental value, they can seem dull or out of place in your home. Here, we look at ways you can redesign your inherited furniture, so it fits into your […]