Art of Restoration: China, Glass, and Curios

engineer engraver working on a marble ornament plate

At Abbey Group, we thrive on breathing new life into cherished objects.

We believe in the preservation of heritage, history, and the unique beauty of each piece in our care. As specialists in the restoration of a variety of materials such as china, enamels, glass, marble, ivory, and tortoiseshell, we carry forward traditions of craftsmanship while ensuring each restoration is as unique as the piece itself.

China is an incredibly delicate material that requires a careful, expert touch. Our seasoned restorers treat each piece with the utmost care, utilizing methods that aim to preserve as much of the original material as possible. Be it a treasured family heirloom or a valuable antique, we guarantee an exceptional level of repair that is both sturdy and nearly invisible to the eye.

Enamels, too, are meticulously restored. Our commitment to preserving the original aesthetic of each piece is unwavering. Every step in our restoration process is carried out with precision and an unerring attention to detail, ensuring the final product not only regains its former glory but also its inherent stability.

Glass and marble restoration present a unique set of challenges. However, our talented team has mastered techniques to overcome these obstacles, always leaving a flawless finish. Whether it’s a vintage mirror or a cherished marble sculpture, our restorations are always hand-finished, ensuring each piece retains its original character.

For the more exotic materials like ivory and tortoiseshell, our restorers employ a special set of skills. Despite their fragility, these materials hold a particular allure due to their innate beauty and historical value. We respect this by applying restoration methods that are both sympathetic to the material and adequate to prevent future damage.

In our pursuit of excellence, the Abbey Group is committed to preserving and enhancing the unique beauty of each item we restore. We ensure the stability of the pieces to minimise future damage, a testament to our belief that restoration should be as enduring as it is beautiful.

Our process concludes with hand-finishing every restoration, a technique that brings a level of nuance and care that no machine can replicate. This assures an “invisible” repair, allowing the beauty of the piece to shine, its history unmarred, its character intact.

Abbey Group’s restoration services stand as a testament to our reverence for the past and our commitment to carrying these precious pieces of history forward. Trust us to restore and preserve your cherished items, helping them stand the test of time.

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