4 Key Considerations for Buying Antique Dining Sets


Antique dining table and chair sets add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. With a diverse selection of styles that have gained popularity over different periods, you have a plethora of options to complement your individual taste—ranging from the simplicity of refectory tables to the ornate features of Victorian dining sets.

Whether you’re interested in acquiring an authentic antique or a more modern reproduction, here are four crucial factors to weigh up before finalising your purchase:

Quality of Craftsmanship

Is the set hand-carved? Is it constructed from solid wood? Are the veneer and marquetry inlays consistent and sufficiently thick to ensure long-lasting durability? Don’t hesitate to delve into the technical details of the furniture’s craftsmanship. A reputable dealer should have no trouble answering your questions.

Examine the finer points of the dining set closely. Are the curves smooth and uniform? Is the finish on the table and chairs of a high standard, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing overall look?

Appropriate Sizing

When buying a dining table and chairs for a designated room, ensure you have accurate measurements to buy a set that harmoniously fits within the available space.

Furthermore, think about the number of guests you intend to accommodate with your dining set. If you plan on frequent use for a smaller group but also wish to have ample seating for larger gatherings, an extendable dining table could be an ideal choice.

Comfort of Chairs

Antique dining sets come with various chair styles, differing not just in appearance but also in comfort levels. Decide between straight or curved backs, high or medium heights, and scalloped, curved, or straight seat edges. Would you prefer chairs that are luxuriously upholstered, made of bare wood or cane, or perhaps a set with removable upholstered seats suitable for seasonal adjustments?

Value for Money

When weighing your options, look beyond the price tags. A dining set is a long-term investment offering extensive use over time, so it’s crucial to focus on the highest quality you can afford. Your dining room is the backdrop for many unforgettable social events; thus, investing in a quality set is advisable.

While it’s essential to make well-considered choices, don’t discount your instincts when perusing antique dining table and chair sets. Your intuition will guide you towards a piece that will become a cherished asset in your home for years to come.