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When our oak dining table was damaged during our move we didn’t for a minute think that anyone would be able to restore it to its former state. The table was a wedding present, and so we are thrilled that you have not only repaired the damage so well that we can’t even tell where it was, but the table looks better than it has in years. I’m sure we’ll be back in future, and will be recommending your restoration services to our friends

James and Vanessa McNiven, Toft, Cambs

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Antiques: a risky business

10th March 2017


The art and antiques market is a complex place. The internet has brought a global-nature to buying and selling antiques and art that has moved the entire sector into very different waters.

Art is about far more than paintings – art...



A few months on from Brexit

15th January 2017


It is now a few months since the UK took the momentous decision to leave the EU after 44 years of membership. Before, during and after the Referendum, a whole raft of experts were wheeled in front of the public to explain what a vote to ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ might mean for them but very little concrete advice...



Collecting sports memorabilia

15th November 2016


It is 50 years since England won the World Cup – in fact it is 50 years since England’s football team won anything – but this is a prescient moment to mention sports memorabilia. Although not strictly antiques, unless it is a 150-year-old cricket bat belonging to WG Grace, sports memorabilia can be big business and collectors...



Vintage or Antique?

15th September 2016


How do you tell if something is antique or vintage, or indeed, retro?


It is the question that has been vexing the collectors among us for some time. At what point does a piece of furniture, an item of clothing or a piece of bric-a-brac actually become officially antique?




Taking a new look at old books

10th July 2016


It is inevitable that while you are searching through antique shops, auctions and flea markets, you will always come across piles of old books. It seems that every house clearance involves boxes and boxes of dusty old books that haven't been touched, let along read, in decades.


But before you discard them, ignore them...



Getting out and about in Essex

10th May 2016


As spring moves into summer, now is the time to get out and about and explore all that Essex has to offer. With its long 350-mile coastline and beautiful river networks, Essex is a county that offers a whole choice of outdoor activities.

From golf to flying, sailing to horse-riding and canoeing to dog-walking, there is something to suit people of all fitness levels and abilities.

Paint a picture

The county is blessed with numerous venues, both natural...



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